Hello Education Coordinators,

How do you like to stay in touch? As the Education Coordinator for your chapter you provide important information and energy to your sales team. Without ongoing education, members may forget what they know, never know what the don't know, get stuck in a rut and more.

Perhaps you feel the need yourself for new information, opportunities to share and brainstorm, a new spark of energy.

This forum may be a way to get what you need to continue enjoying your role as education coordinator.



A Few Simple Rules...

This blog site is intended to be a positive environment for sharing and learning. Please try on these simple guidelines for communicating together.

Confidentiality: We might want to talk about challenges in our chapters. It is critical that we be able to do that and know that the discussion will be kept confidential.

*Suspend judgments. Avoid words such as 'you should', 'you need to...', 'are you kidding me?'...you get the idea.
*Refrain from giving unsolicited advice. Do ask questions out of curiosity that help others come up with their own great ideas.
*Have a beginner's mind and be open to 'hearing' new ideas.
*Practice a positive focus and look for what is working.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Let's Start Talking!

I recently gave an educational presentation to several BNI chapters. It went great in two of them, but just okay with the third. As is turned out, that third chapter consisted of about 14 people, seven of whom could have provided that presentation themselves and done a better job.

I am here to tell you that it really helps to know your audience. By the way, I knew pretty quick with one simple question that THIS audience was different. That helped me to shift things a bit.

Do you ever feel as though you are preaching to the choir? How can you raise the bar in your education moments?

Or perhaps the opposite happens and you feel as though what you are offering is just not being heard at all. What do you do the 'shake' it up a bit and get them to listen?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!